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For Professionals

What is Àuda.B?
We help independent beauty & wellness professionals get organized, service diverse clientele, manage their business and get paid. Professionals will have full access to all our scheduling, client management, and marketing tools; with all that time you’ll be saving you can book more appointments and manage your business like a BOSS. Time is money and pros who use Àuda.B save time and level up!

How much does Àuda.B cost?
Àuda.B’s current take rate is 10% of all appointments. 10% + the plus each transaction fee must be deducted from the principal amount due to each provider.

All payments are released weekly on Monday 12:00AM EST.

How to sync my IG Account?
Within your personal profile update the section labeled Instagram and update with your Instagram account name you use to promote your business.

How do I Manage My Àuda.B Portfolio?
Professional profiles should be used to share professional photos of services, client testimonies photos and or business location. Your Àuda.B portfolio allows you to upload photos from your phone and computer.

How do I set up my business on Àuda.B?
We’re excited to have you here! Setting up your business is super easy – sign up, choose your profession, tell us a little bit about yourself, set your availability then add services and photos. You should also check out our payments feature – instant deposits coming soon!
1. Go to and click “Sign Up”
2. Complete your personal profile
3. Choose your profession from the list of suggestions.
4. Tell us a bit about yourself, your name, email and phone number are important steps towards getting your business listed and leveling up!
5. Select the services you wish to offer to clients; you can select the price and how much time the service will take. Please select at least one service, price, and duration in order to continue to the next step (you can always edit or add more later).
6. Next, choose when you will be available for business
Congrats, Let’s Go! You’ll then arrive at your Àuda.B Profile, where you can enter your location, photos, and more services.
Welcome To Àuda.B!

I’m not in the US, can I still use Àuda.B as a professional?
At the moment, we’re not able to support non-United States-based professionals for processing payments or listing your place of business in our search. Àuda.B requires a professional license for the practice area for identity verification purposes and a US address for your place of business. International users, depending on their location, may be able to use Àuda.B for other features (appointment booking and scheduling etc.), but not for processing payments.

Are professionals affiliated with Àuda.B?
Professionals are not employed, contracted or otherwise affiliated with Àuda.B – we provide the software your professional uses to manage their business and a platform for clients to find and book with diverse professionals.
While Àuda.B is a platform that allows professionals to manage several aspects of their business, Àuda.B does not employ nor is affiliated in any manner with individuals who use our software for their business:
“Each Professional, as a separate entity from Àuda.B, is solely responsible for all customer service issues relating to such Professional’s goods or services, including without limitation, any Styling Services, pricing, order fulfillment, order or appointment cancellation, returns, refunds and adjustments, rebates, functionality and warranty, and feedback concerning experiences with such Professional, any personnel, their policies or processes.” – Àuda.B Team

ÀUDA.B, Inc.

New York, NY 11210

Telephone: 213.944.1013


For Clients

How do I book?
Download our app and book your hair, makeup, nails and/or fitness (currently available
in Boston, NYC, and LA, services in as little as 90 minutes, before your desired
appointment time or up to 4 weeks in advance. You can also book via our website by
clicking on Book Now.
Can I book Àuda.B even if I don’t have the app.
If you do not have the Àuda.B app, you can book via our website by clicking Book Now.
You can also contact our client experience team directly by calling 213-944-1013 or by
How long is the appointment?
The duration of the services are listed during the time of booking the appointment,
duration of the appointments are based on service provider. Appointment length differs
depending on the service.
What if I want to modify my appointment to include an add-on’s ?
Please contact your service provider directly using our chat feature within the Àuda.B
What if I’m running late for my appointment?
Please contact your service provider directly using our chat feature within the Àuda.B app to
notify your service provider of the delay. Individual service providers may charge a fee
depending on services requested.
Appointment Cancellation
If appointments are cancelled the same day of the service, clients will be charged the full amount
of the service.
What if I can’t book an appointment for my desired date & time?
All appointments are subject to availability. Our peak days of operation include Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. It’s best to book in advance, and you can also check back for
additional availability, if you’re unable to schedule an appointment for your desired date
& time.
Can I book times that are not listed on the app?
We will always try our best to accommodate your request. Email us at or call 213-944-1013 and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I pay?
You will be prompted to enter your credit card information when you book via the app or
website. Gratuity is not included within your service fee, please be sure to tip your
service providers on the mobile app for each appointment, this way you don’t have to
worry about a cash tip. If you would like to give an additional cash tip to your hair stylist
or makeup artist, it is always welcome. Appointments covered by promotional credits are
Late Fee?
Subjected to individual service providers fee based on services.
How much does Àuda.B cost?
For service pricing by city, please refer to individual service providers pricing.
My promo credit expired, can I still use it?
Expired promo codes cannot be reinstated for use after the promotion end date. We release new
promos often, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social!

ÀUDA.B, Inc.
New York, NY 11210
Telephone: 213.944.1013

Currently Available in Boston, NYC and Los Angeles.

The Àuda.B Experience

B. Nailed

Get your nails done on your time, where you like.
You choose the meeting place.

B. Glammed

On your time get your makeup done and
your friends with Àuda.B.

B. Well

With Àuda.B you can have professional Message
Therapist at your fingertips

B. Groomed

Get your hair done with our professionally licensed

B. Fit

With Àuda.B you can have Licensed Pesonal
Trainer at your fingertips


Choose from our curated list of beauty professionals and luxury salons. All beauty pros are pre-vetted prior to joining the Àuda.B platform.


Select a beauty pro or lux salon, select a beauty service, select a date/time and update your location for your appointment.


Get beautified anywhere any time! We provide quality on-demand beauty services at your fingertips.

Become and Àuda.B Pro

Join Our Team

Step 1

Download Àuda.B App

The AudaB app is available on both

Google Play and Apple Store

Step 2

Signup As A Professional

Signing up as a professional partner is very simple. There are five simple steps and your done

Step 3

Setup Your Services and
Set Your Schedule

Setting up your services and
schedule is quick and easy

Step 4

Open For Business

Managing your business and getting paid through Àuda.B is fast.


Join Àuda.B! Please contact our onboarding beauty team for more information.

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